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Optic tv


I guess the so called optic tv service will never get fixed .Real funny how shaw cable tv recording from there tv service blows away telus and there studdery picture .So much for fiber optic being better than cable .Any video you try to watch on telus is horrible .Takes telus about a month to return messages and just don't understand it .This keeps up pay there plan off and back to shaw because fiber optic is a studdery mess .Before the comments start its my hardware i think not ,1 year of this .



All this time and no comment .I guess telus does not care about there horrendous picture quality .Roku online streaming is 100% better .I guess i will do another test with SHAW . 

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Community Power User

Haven’t had an issue with optik tv for years. Fibre has nothing to do with quality. As it works over copper or fibre.


If you have issues of digitizing and freezing schedule a technician to come out. As it will be specific you your service address only.

Well the picture judder and frame skipping ridiculise for a so called fibre connection and a 4k box .The shaw gateway has 10 times the picture quality  

If you wore that expecting TELUS to comment you’re likely out of luck. This is a forum for customers to help each other with a couple of community managers. TELUS rarely responds to specific customer complaints here.

As with any service, your mileage will vary. Speaking from my own experience, I’ve had Optik for years both with fibre and copper. The only time I had issues was in a 20 year old townhouse that had issues with the in-wall coax. Switching to Ethernet fixed that for me.

If you’re having consistent picture quality issues, I’d suggest recording it on your PVR (is the issue well remains with recordings) or on your phone and make sure you test multiple channels. That way you can show patterns to the technicians.

I have been waiting for a call back from telus for three months and since there is no number to call anymore .I guess i will go to shaw tomorrow and see what they have because telus is a joke.


Wait for a call back ??????? Lots of numbers to call and arrange for a tech to come and check your pvr ----wiring------- all connections.  You don't say if your on fibre or copper type of ont or modem With model numbers some people on this site can possibly help you out.

Really i guess there is no help here or the guy at telus i talked to .For a fibre connection to have compressed video is a joke i understand copper but fibre i just don't understand .


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Community Power User

You've been offered various suggestions and have not listened to any of them dating back two weeks.  Contact  Telus and have support troubleshoot and if needed schedule a repair ticket for your service. If this was a new install the installer would have left his business card to contact him if any issues. Telus can't help if you don't call.

Contact telus how there is no phone numbers anywhere online and i am not playing with that stupid assistant .Just a big joke like shaw get lots of help at the start before signing up after that your on your own with a tv picture that is horrible and unwatchable so i guess i will see what is owned on the account and get rid of telus because there is no help and i really doubt that this is pure fibre .


@WellMade wrote:

Contact telus how there is no phone numbers anywhere online and i am not playing with that stupid assistant .


At the bottom of every page on the TELUS web site:

Telus Contact Us.PNG


Click on the Contact Us link to go to a page that has the phone numbers:


Telus Phone.PNG

I’m starting to feel convinced he’s some kind of lame Shaw troll. Why I don’t understand but literally we’ve all given ways to reach tech support. 🙄🙄

He claims to have Shaw Gateway in this other thread but at the same time says he will switch back to Shaw. It's all very confusing.


@WellMade wrote:

I have reset the router and all tv boxes and i have 750MBS up and down .

I did a test with shawcable gateway last night and watched a few recordings and they are buttery smooth .If this is a telus compression issue .why are they compressing the video on all streams and if this is the case then why am i paying for this  .The picture is unwatchable and on a 600hz plasma tv one top of the line and the other plasma is a middle of the line .

I tried a 4k tv and that was impossible to watch anything and i sent the tv back .

So why is telus compressing the video on streams ON A FIBRE CONNECTION !!!!!

On that other thread I asked several times what his Internet speed test results are but never got a meaningful reply.


I think giant brown guy hit the nail on the head. Wellmade  should move on and  buy all the needed equipment with a different provider. This person does not know how to help himself. Polecat

I’m always suspicious of that kind of complaint. I have an antenna and can receive uncompressed digital high definition signals over the air from the Vancouver channels. If I flick back and forth between Telus fibre and over-the-air, I’m not confident I see any difference on a 55 inch 4K TV.

You people have no idea what the hell you are talking about . I spent over an hour on the phone with a telus idiot and did and they did a firmware upgrade well that was a lie because i looked at the firmware version nothing has changed .The same problems so i have a so called telus tech coming out and see what happens but i did a test again with  shaw and picture quality is a lot better about 70% better and no picture judder ,For a so called fibre connection why is there compression in video for a gigabit fibre connection i am not happy at all .The problem shaw had was found when i removed all there equipment i found uncompressed f connectors and loose f connectors so the multiple shaw techs that came out where are stupid and didn't know there job at all .

Would i go back to shaw yes if i installed the equipment myself .

And the other thing since the telus 4k boxes are hardwired with cat6 why is the wifi in the box still running all the time makes no sense there should be a menu setting t turn the wifi off in the 4k box but what do i know i worked in the communications industry for over 10 years doing commercial installs 

So you guys can keep making your dumb comments !!!

I would like to say that telus has the worst techs i have ever seen . The tech came into the house changed the modem to a wifi hub never set it up just left and i no internet or wifi and had to call telus and spent 5 hours on the phone and this never fixed anything with the tv so now i have another tech coming out again .I want the t3200m back or something with 4 wired ports or i am done with telus and shaw both companies have no idea what they are doing was with shaw for over 40 years and telus about 1 year and telus is worse than shaw .

For anyone thinking of getting telus please don't and save the headache and time find another provider .