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Optic TV no pause, no rewind, no PVR since the upgrade done around Feb 25, same problem anyone?

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I've been having problems for just under 2 weeks now, I've only been a customer for 2 months. I've been in touch with Support several times. So far I've had 3 phone calls to them, 6+ emails, 5+ hours with Online Support and still the exact same problem. No pause, no rewind, no PVR. It seems they have no idea what's causing it but are "monitoring it from their end". I'd really like to get this resolved. As the Support tech pointed out these are "convenience" features but I am paying for them and all my wasted time is not convenient.


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What is the primary device on your TV network, and how is it connected?


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If you have a PVR and it isn't working, that's not a wait and see thing. That's usually a "get a repair tech out and swap the PVR" type of thing. I'm curious why they haven't done that yet. As long as the PVR is enabled on their end, most problems will occur at the home and with the box itself.

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A full sequential reboot will fix this problem almost every time unless it is a hardware failure issue with the PVR or the PVR is not enabled in the provisioning systems.


To perform a sequential reboot, reset all your devices in this exact order.


ONT (Fibre customer only) > Modem > PVR > All other STBs > WiFi booster (if you're having WiFi issues)


If the issue persists, ask Telus support to disable and re-enable Whole Home PVR. Also un-designate the PVR as the main recording device, and then re-designate it as the PVR again. If you still have the same problem after that, the PVR needs to be replaced.