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Optic TV IOS app is not working well for me

Community Power User
Community Power User

Currently I have an iPhone 6S with IOS 13.2.2 and the latest version of the Optic TV app. I primarily use it to view what's on my PVR and to add new recordings. The app is very unstable and often hangs with a black screen (I've waited minutes and nothing happens and the app is non-responsive). The only way to recover is to force close the application. It usually works well after doing this but the next time I use it it once again locks up. I have a large number of recordings on my PVR (200+) and suspect this may be part of the issue. In any case it's very frustrating to use the app as I spend most of my time just trying to make it work as opposed to actually using it.


Not sure if anyone cares but I have an old iPad 2 with an older version of the Optic TV app and it just doesn't work at all (crashes to the home iPad home screen).