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Optic TV Channel 845 Global BC1

Just Moved In

Hi Telus people,


We have been watching and recording Optic TV channel 845 (Global BC1 News), especially during the pandemic; it still shows on the Guide listing but 'doesn't work'.  Does anybody know what's happened??





Just Moved In

We used to have this channel.  Recently we have been bumped off.  Could you please make sure this channel is once again active.

Thank you in advance

Likewise!! Where did it go? Still have Global news for every other province...just not the one we live in and count on info for in such crazy times. Guess it’s good bye Global and hello FREE CTV news for BC! And back to Shaw when Telus contract finally ends!! Telus just plain sucks. 😊

Global BC 1 is specifically available in BC only and is a different class of channel with the CRTC than the other Global stations since the others are available in other provinces. You were getting that channel for free, but now that Global decided to end the free preview period and you now have to pay for the channel. Telus is not to blame for Global's decision. CTV New channel is still on free preview but that could end at any time depending on when Bell decides to end it. Those decisions are outside of the control of any provider like Telus or Shaw. If you were a Shaw subscriber and weren't paying for the channels there either, they still would vanish whenever the free period ends.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

BC1 Global was a free preview from March 1 to April 30. 
The channel owners, not Telus, determine how the channel is offered.


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