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OPTIK TV streaming issue at my work home

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Telus has made it virtually impossible for me to stream my OPTIK TV at my work home

I have a second home in Alberta where I stay for work. I have hooked up Telus internet and security, but not OPTIK TV, because I am supposed to be able to stream it anywhere, including at my work home. But I can't access the login pages while connected to my Telus internet, so I disconnect and use my mobile hotspot, (also Telus) login in, and reconnect to Wi-Fi and then I can stream, until I change sources or the screen saver comes on. Then I have to do the whole thing again.

The last time I forced it like that the entire wireless system crashed for my house and I couldn't log back on to the Wi-Fi at all on any of my devices. Even hard reset with the reset button wouldn't work. I ended up leaving it unplugged for 24 hours and it worked after that.

I've called tech support multiple times and their only suggestion is a new box. 

Any thoughts/suggestions, besides switching my ISP to Shaw?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Did you not post about this the other week? Post seems oddly familiar under a different user name..


What device are you using to stream optik tv on?