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I Changed my guide list to "subscribed channels" from "all channels"

I Only want to see the channels I have subscibed to in my guide.

Easy enough....

My Problem....


The telus box keeps resetting my selection!!!!

It is extremely frustrating to have to change this multiple times a week.


Please advise how to I lock my choice for "subscribed channels only" PERMANENTLY??!! 

This is driving me nuts


Community Power User
Community Power User
I’ve never experienced it changing on its own. Only reason I can think of it changing, is someone is entering a channel number manually. It defaults to show all channels.

Example: entering a movie channel you’re not subscribed to, the list is defaults to show all channels.

There is no “lock” function to that feature.

Yes it definately keeps changing back on its own!

Very frustrating...

and we never enter anything manually but thanks for the tip.

Maybe I just have a bunk box or something



Keeps changing back to Guide and  I continually have to change it back to subscribe to channels. Bad enough having the new Optik TV app which no one likes as well. Tell us should fix these things 

What optik tv receiver are you experiencing this on? Generally it only changes if you enter a channel number manually on the remote, you’re not subscribed to. It will then remove the subscribed list.