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No spare connection line in an apartment unit?


Hello there,


I'm not sure if this is the right area to post in as my issue applies to both internet and TV, but I'll try here.


So here's my situation:


On September 11th I signed up for Internet 150 and Optik TV with 4 Theme Packs + 1 Premium. I had an installer scheduled to come to my apartment on September 13th, awesome. 


September 13th comes around, and the installer warned me before hand that he most likely would not be able to install services on that day, because my apartment building did not have any spare TELUS connection lines. The installer checked around my apartment and called someone at TELUS, which confirmed that there was no possible way at that time to connect any of my services. I should probably mention I had a Shaw connection box in my unit, as I had actually left Shaw to go to TELUS cause Shaw drove me nuts. The installer left about 20 minutes later, and I eventually phoned TELUS to ask what would happen next.


I was informed by the support agent that it could take up to a month to get services connected as it would require TELUS getting permission from the apartment company to bring an installer in, get a cable from their box on the outside of the building on the ground floor up to my unit (which is on the 23rd floor of the building), then finally getting the services installed and connected. 


Just today, the 21st, I decided to send an email to my property management company asking if they've been contacted by TELUS at all regarding installation, or if they can reach out to TELUS, just to get something started. A support rep from TELUS also placed some sort of monitor on my account a few days ago, to contact me with updates, if I get any.


I'm not putting blame on anyone for anything that's happened cause I guess in this case no company is at fault for anything that happened, it's just very unfortunate and quite frankly a little frustrating as I've been without TV or Internet for nearly 2 weeks as I cut my Shaw contract on the 11th as well (my equipment with them also failed and they wouldn't replace it right away, which is beside the point).


I'm just hoping I can get my services connected before I move in November, that would be really nice.


My question is, has anybody who lives in an apartment dealt with an issue similar to this before? If so, how long did it take for services to be connected in your area?




@greenb275  You must have telephone outlets in your unit but your on cell correct or former renter was.  You would think if the line can be made live you could get internet. But when wires are abandoned not used maybe some one else got the use of them with only so many pairs of wires available. No fiber in building i guess. If they can hook up a land line to you maybe then you can get service. You are not alone with this. Polecat

I believe I have a telephone outlet in my unit since I'm sure the installer mentioned something along those lines. I'm a mobility user though so I don't rely on landline.

The building also doesn't have fiber, just copper at the moment.

Honestly even my apartment management is stumped, since Telus is the main provider for this building. It's really a weird situation.

Thank you for your response!

@greenb275  Just an idea  can't hurt anything see if you can sign up for a land line and ask for an internet package at same time. Telus departments don't seem to talk to each other much. Cheapest phone plan i think is $20. Then cancel it later. Polecat

@greenb275  If fiber is not in building i could be wrong but whole building probably would have to sign up or building owner pay for the install. No piping installed very costly. Polcat

Suppose I'll make an update here.

Just spoke with someone from TELUS again and was told that it was a software issue that said the building has no connection, but that issue has since been resolved.

They've scheduled an installer for this Friday so hopefully my nearly 2 week spell of no internet or tv will come to an end very soon

@greenb275  Good for you i really think Telus should take a good look at how they handle orders and installations. Phone numbers  just for these things not people trying to up sell things and making sure available programs are up to date. It's hard things change so fast these days but keep staff up to date.