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No 4K on my 4k PVR Netflix app

Friendly Neighbour

I have an Ultra HD Netflix account and I get 4K on my Optik TV Netflix app.  But all of a sudden there is no 4K content to be found.  Anyone else have this problem?  My settings on my account are set for ultra HD so I'm not sure what changed.  Anyone else experiencing this? Is it fixable?



Community Power User
Community Power User

Is the content still available if you try from a PC, if you have one that supports 4K? Netflix reduced video quality due to Covid but it says 4K should still be available, at least unless they changed something since the article was publised on March 20th.


Netflix offers no support details for 4K not working on non Windows 10 devices like the Optik box.

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I can't check it right, now but i believe so.


Can someone at least confirm they can get 4k programming on their Optic TV 4k box?

Not one person uses 4K Netflix on their Optik TV PVR?