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New Optik tv app


Have iPad and new Telus Optik app will not login.  Tried using my Telus credentials and just get the spinning wheel.  Won’t accept using account number either.  Why a new app for iPads?  The old one wasn’t that great but worked most of the time


Community Power User
Community Power User

The new app is likely using HTML5, instead of Flash. The latter is at end of life.


I was able to successfully login using MyTelus credentials. Double check you are using correct credentials by login to another Telus service, such as billing.

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I even ended up changing my password to see if that would help. Nope.  I can login with great difficulty to our account but continually get the 409 error using Telus website logins. Can’t login to Crave, etc.  Any suggestions as to a fix?  This is on my iPad and MacBook Air