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New Channels


I noticed some new channels the other day:


750 - MEZZOHD  Classical and Jazz Music Concerts

752 - Museum

965 - Insight 4K

968 - C4K360


Are these channels available (free) to 4K users?  Or will they part of packages?





Mezzo and Museum are on free preview until August 17th. Trying to check out Museum now but I am not getting any reception of that channel.

952 Museum not showing up at all now in the Guide.

The mezzo schedule is still way off for me on Optik ch 750. I tried looking at the schedule on some cable systems in Montreal, thinking it might be 3 hours ahead, but that wasn’t even close and the programs were not in the same sequence. 

This link seems to be working for me now:


I get nothing on 752. Just a message that I’m not subscribed. Oddly on ch 5 where you can see what’s on preview, selecting mezzo gave me 752 and no picture. 

As for 965 & 968, these don’t show at all in my guide and not showing as free preview.

965 and 968 are 4K Channels.

My Telus Guide from the PVR Box is correct for what is showing on MEZZO.


Unfortunately the Guide is way off for displaying what is actually on. Going to try a manual recording. 

if the link works, this appears to be the correct schedule for PDT:


I’ve searched numerous schedules for mezzo in Canada and none of them match up with the guide on Telus.  Same thing happened when Stingray Classica was added. Might take awhile before they get the Guide straightened out to match what’s actually airing. 

That online MEZZO guide has China Moses on at 4:50.  On Telus it is on at 4:30 MST.  The two earlier Jazz shows are not on Telus MEZZo at all.