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Netflix disconnecting and resetting the pvr

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When I use Netflix it boots me off within a minute and immediately resets the Wireless optic 4k wireless uic4001 pvr.  Oddly, I was able to watch a couple of episodes of the witcher before this occurred and now I cannot get Netflix to work (frustratingly so because it resets the pvr everytime).  We have two pvrs, one connected wirelessly and one connected via ethernet; this problem only exists on the wirelessly connected tv.  I've tried resetting the wireless modem, but no luck.  Anybody have any ideas?


The tv is an older model Sony Bravia, though I don't see how that could be the problem since Netflix has always worked with this tv before and still does intermittently.




Just Moved In



Just got off the phone with Telus tech support. This is apparently a Netflix issue that will require Netflix software updates and will require software udates on their end. Others are having the same problem currently.

It's a known issue with the Technicolor 4k boxes due to a design flaw. Netflix and other apps are putting too much load on the CPU and there is not sufficient cooling built in to such a small box so it is overheating and resetting itself as a protective measure. It won't overheat to the point of being a fire hazard or anything but it will result in reboot loops of these boxes. I'd recommend calling them back and telling them your box is overheating so they can send a technician to replace it, hopefully with an Arris brand box as they do not have this problem. Just tell them it's hot to the touch and it keeps freezing and resetting. That's all you gotta say. Yes there is a fix coming, but it has to be delivered by Netflix and I wouldn't hold my breath for them to deliver it anytime soon.