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Netflix Static/Cracks/Pops Through Speakers During Play On Optik.


When I use Netflix through my Optik TV set top boxes, the sound that comes through the speakers has a lot of cracking/static/popping noises being made as well. It has been this way since day one, and I have lost my patience with this. Those types of noises are not good for the speakers, and I would like to figure how to make it stop. When I watch Netflix on my laptop, there's no problem. When I disconnect the Telus set top box, and watch Netflix from the Smart TV app, there's no problem. When I watch Netflix through the PS4, there's no problem. The only time it's a problem is when I'm watching Netflix through any of the three Telus Optik set top boxes I have. I want to watch Netflix through Optik, because it's right there in the guide and not inconvenient to get started up. How do I fix this, Telus?


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Is Netflix the only thing on your boxes that has issues with sound? No issues with regular live TV or recordings? Any issues if watching one of the on demand titles? The Stingray streaming music app/channel?

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It's only Netflix, and it's only through the Optik boxes. Regular TV, and other streaming channels don't have this issue. 

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You're experiencing audio difficulties because your Netflix app has "ENGLISH [5:1]" set as a default in your "Audio & Subtitles" settings.


Here is a fix:


Before you hit "Play" to watch Netflix show, go to "More Info" for that particular show and then:

1. Scroll down to "Audio & Subtitles" and press "Enter" on your remote,
3. Scroll down again to "Audio" and SELECT "ENGLISH (ORIGINAL)"





I can't find a "More Info" option to try. There's nothing like that in the menu for a particular show. Just 'Play', 'More Episodes', 'Add to my list', and 'Rate this title'. There isn't anything like that in the general Netflix settings either. I tried using the "Info" button on the remote, but that didn't do anything. I was hoping this would work, but no luck. Thanks, though!

Okay, if I get on to Netflix through just the Smart TV app, I get the "More Info" option, and can do all the things that were suggested. It looks like a newer version of Netflix than what comes trough the Optik box. I already know that the sound quality is fine with the Smart TV way, it's just not very convenient to get to Netflix that way, as opposed to Optik which has Netflix right in the Guide. It's through the Telus Optik box that I'm having all the problems. Smiley Frustrated

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Yes. You have to do it through Telus apps and then you're able to get to Audio Settings and change them to English 5:1 from English (Original).


Glad it's working. Enjoy!

I am having the same problem too.  Netflix audio is excellent when I use my Apple TV but when I use Netflix via the TELUS App I get random popping and static noises.  It is worse when base tones are present.  In audio settings via the TELUS App there is only one English option.  I am not given the choice to choose between English 5:1 and English (Original).  Set top box is connected to 5.1 receiver via HDMI.  My set top box is not 4k and is about 3 years old.  Please help, the random popping and static noises is annoying and could damage my speakers.

skibiglines did you resolve your popping issue? I’ve got the same problem and do not have the option of English 5.1 and original.

This is not an answer. He was talking about being able to access the audio and subtitles option from the Netflix version that is part of the software on his tv.
The Netflix version that is on the optik tv set top box does not expose the audio and subtitles option. There are other users on this thread that have confirmed this. I can tell you that it's not an option in the Netflix on my set top box.
Is the fix for this really to use a Netflix version that is provided by a different device?

Did anyone get an answer for this problem? I have the same problem and actually got a new (used) tv thinking that the problem was with the speakers in the old tv, but the sound comes through on both TVs and only with Netflix. I did find the audio/subtitle option, but as someone else mentioned there is only the English (original) option. Very annoying!

This is definitely still an issue! Have an Optik set-top box. Any time there's low audio frequencies I get crackling and popping. You can hear it a lot when shows have stripped down bassy intro themes. During dialogue It seems to happen less often but still occurs. To me it seems like the audio signal is catching up and crackles out. Something to do with the digital conversion.

It definitely has something to do with Telus' Netflix app because this doesn't happen when I watch with Chromecast.

Really infuriating. I just bought a new Sonos Beam soundbar and I notice it a lot more.

Hoping for a solution, but after digging through other posts, I don't think it's likely.

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I just replaced all my HDMI cables and speaker wire thinking this was the problem. Has anybody received any help from Telus? Mine is definitely only on optix Netflix through telus

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Community Power User

As a test connect your sound bar,  to your tv (audio output) via optical cable and test your Netflix. 

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I am having the same problem too.