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There does not seem to be any access to NBC.  Why not.  It is a major network.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you're referring to the channel on Optik TV itself, NBC is part of the essentials package.


If you're referring to online content. You'll find that nearly all US networks won't allow Canadians access to their content. The one exception I know of is A&E through their iOS / Android app. 


Most of the content from the various American channels is licensed through one of the Canadian networks. You'll have to figre out which one and stream it from their website instead.

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I get NBC just fine abc fox wb, and cbs
Maybe you're confused as they're properly named to the correct seattle affiliate names, because that's king5 Seattle

Shaw are bozos NBC itself doesn't broadcast directly it goes through local affiliate channels. Shaw was giving you king 5 seattle a NBC affiliate and it other affiliates.

How do you not know this? They only say king 5 seattle with the NBC lettering every commercial break and it's written in the bottom left 24x7.when watching .