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My Optik TV account got deleted?

Just Moved In

I just went to use the Optik TV app on my iPad, which is how I keep up on shows, etc when I'm away at school. Tonight I went to sign in and it said that my password was invalid, so I hit "forgot password" (even though I know my password) and it then said my email did not exist. 


I was using the app yesterday, as well as a few weeks ago on a daily basis. I don't understand what happened. Can Telus just delete your account? 




Community Power User
Community Power User

If it's the Optik TV Account specifically, that's the email and password set on your PVR. If someone went in and changed the email or reset the settings at home, that could result in the problem. I've never tried resetting my Optik TV password through the app/web before. I just go into the settings on my PVR itself and reset things there.


Menu > Settings > TV Apps > Optik Account

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