Multiple Telus Optik Boxes in One Room

Multiple Telus Optik Boxes in One Room

I’m new to TELUS optik tv. How do I change the remote/box frequencies so that I can use three different remotes to run three different boxes/TVs in the same man cave. The tech support I talked to said it wasn’t possible. I’m having a hard time accepting this is answer. It has been an option on Bell satellite/dishnet for 20 years.
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Community Power User

Unfortunately there is no way to enter separate remote ids to the receiver. It will control all the boxes at the same time. 

Yes Bell satellite made it easy to change the remote ids. But this isn’t the case with Telus hardware.

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The only way to do this is with something like a Harmony Hub. If you place each the 2 IR extenders directly in front of each Optik box and the hub in front of the 3rd box. Then configure the hub to only send the Optik 1, 2 or 3 device commands on the respective IR emitter.