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Multiple Optik TV's in one room and all change with the same remote

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We recently opened a new gym location and have 5 Optik TV's on one wall infront of the treadmills and bikes.  Trouble is the Optik TV's use IR remotes and all TV's are changing channels when a single remote is used.  What is my solution to this?  I need five different remotes that are dedicated to each Optik box.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Currently that is not an option. All the remotes are identical and all the boxes will react to them the same. Only option I can think of is to get the remote right up close to just one Optik box and you should be able to change just the one from extremely close range. Likely isn't an ideal solution though.

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Unfortunately that wont work for us, the Optik TV's are mounted above the TV's so they are about 10' off the ground.  In todays world there must be a method of converting them from IR to RF back to IR.

Have you tried putting a toilet paper tube at the front end of the remote so the signal doesn't go so widely? It is a bit unconventional but just a thought.

Or you could put compatible switches on each TV/controller's power connector.  Then you could shut them all off but one at a time, set the channel, then turn them all on.  Or try Nyrius.