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Mid‑Autumn Festival On Demand voucher


Hi, I received an email (below) from Telus on Oct 9 about a free On Demand voucher but it is not in my account when I check the VOD Deals and Coupons menu from my Optik box? Please help!


Happy Mid‑Autumn Festival! Enjoy a movie on us!

Enjoy a movie on us. It’s our way of wishing valued customers like you a Happy Mid‑Autumn Festival.

Your On Demand voucher will be active from Oct. 7 and is valid for 60 days^


There's a link in the email. Follow the link and that page has instructions on how to use the coupon.

I followed in the instructions but the coupon is not listed in my Deals Coupons screen as per below


> Check out On Demand's new Deals | Coupons section to see if you have any coupons available

You are right, it's not showing for me either. I haven't bothered to check until now.

@dru Can you pass this on to the appropriate dept to follow up?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey folks, we'll look into this. Can you share a screenshot/picture of what you do see?

You won’t see any visual cues of an actual “coupon” but If you're seeing $3 movies and a bunch of movie posters then this means you don't have the VOD coupon applied to your account. Thanks!


Yes, that's exactly what I see. Just a list of $3 movie posters. Do you still need a screen shot? I can do one later if so.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Yes, please. I'll flip it over to our product team. Thanks!

On Demand Deals-Coupons.jpg

Community Manager
Community Manager


@Cy Are you seeing the same thing when you navigate there?

Yes I’m seeing the same thing on my TV

Hey @dru any update on this?

We're at the halfway point to the 60 day expiry of the offer and I still don't see the voucher.


Your On Demand voucher will be active from Oct. 7 and is valid for 60 days.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry about the late reply, @xray @Cy


We're still investigating but there is movement with this and once I have an answer, I'll definitely let you know 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

@xray @Cy We identified an issue that resulted in a display issue. You still should be able to rent a VOD for free; it's just the display that doesn't quite match up with what you see. Can you give it a try and report back?

Thanks for looking into this issue.  I don't think I'll try renting a VOD without any visual confirmation of a credit.  I don't want to have to deal with calling Telus agent and explaining to them what happened if I do get charged incorrectly. 

Well I rented 2 movies last month and got charged for both of them.