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Main TV box not working - white snow screen - reboot - works for 2 days - snow screen again x2 times

Just Moved In

i turned on my tv then the 4k box (VIP5602W). its on hdmi 1 i have white snow on my screen with a thin black line from top to bottom. ( the tv makes a fuzzy poping sound when the snow is on the screen)
i have rebooted the box and my internet modem (T3200 modem) i was able to view cable again for 2 days, then it went back to the snow again after being off all night. 

i rebooted the box and modem again the following day and got it to work again, then it gave me snow on the screen again.

i have not rebooted yet for the third time.

my internet works fine thought out this whole thing btw 


Just Moved In
Exactly the same thing happening here. We have to reboot the box every time to watch tv.