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Just Need an Activation Code ... on hold for an 90 minutes then it hangs up!?!

Just Moved In

How do I get the Activation Code required during self install of the Optik TV box??  I've been sitting on hold forever!  This is so unacceptable from a customer service perspective.  What happened to Live Chat agent ... not the virtual assistant which is useless.


This is brutal.  I watched an entire Netflix movie while waiting on hold only to have it disconnect on me.



I beat you. I was on hold with GoDaddy Monday night for about 3 hours and they hung up!


All kidding aside, Telus needs to bring all of their support onto Canadian soil and improve their response times and quality of service for support.


I was in a Telus store yesterday where the rep was spouting nonsense about something to do with mobile phones.  Training is clearly lacking.

I got you both beat. I called Co-Operators Insurance 2 weeks ago and was on hold for 4 hrs 50 min on speakerphone. Killed 2 batteries on my Panasonic cordless phones and had to go on a wired phone. At least they didn’t hang up on me.

But I have called Telus a couple of times and usually on hold for about 1/2hr. So I can’t complain.