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Installing Optic TV in new home build

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I am building a new home and want to install all TV and media cables into wall before adding drywall.

What I have for TV's is 1 main TV in living room and 2nd in bedroom.

The optic media panel is centred in laundry/utility room.


Please confirm if I am on course or if I need to change materials.


Plan to install 2 - cat6 cables from media panel to each tv via wall plug ins.

Also wiring in speaker cables, HD cables and component video cables. Did I miss anything?


What is the difference between cat5 and cat6 cables? Is cat6 for High Def channels?


Thanks in advance



Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus uses Cat5 cable for their installations. Cat6 likely unnecessary. I agree with running 2 Cat5 cables to each location. You might consider 3 to your main TV location. Also consider where you want the router to  be placed, as Wi-Fi signal can be improved by a central location. That lo cation may require extra Cat5 cables.


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If I may ask further questions related to your post. We were told that where the Telus cables come into the house, that they need to be inside a conduit to run through our conditioned crawl space to the office close, they will be going up through the floor into the closet where we want the modem and router. We didn't have that in our existing residence and we were told that the new house should run Optik cable through a pvc conduit. Is this really necessary?

We are not building a smart home set up, just pvr and 2 wireless boxes.

That was supposed to read, office *closet. 

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Community Power User

I see two reasons for the conduit:

So Telus employees do not have to enter the crawl space, but can pull the Fibre to your closet.

To protect the fibre from damage by rodents - they seem to be particularly attracted to the covering on the fibre optic.


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Thank you, my thoughts were that it made it tidier and protected but not mandatory. I will run it through a raceway to accommodate the request. Just wondered if it was essential. I appreciate your response,