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ISB7150 supported resolutions?

Just Moved In

Hi, recently moved an Optik TV PVR from an old, 1080i television to a new 1080p monitor. When I go to change the Aspect Ratio setting on the PVR, 1080p returns a black screen saying my TV is not capable (which it is), or is improperly connected (which it isn't). 1080i/720p are my highest available settings at the moment.

So naturally, it leads me to ask, is the ISB7150 capped at 1080i? Or is something else at play here?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The box supports the following resolutions:


ATSC formats (including 1080p,1080i, 720p,480p, and 480i)


I would suspect a setting in your monitor or doesn’t support it.


Sounds like it might be an older HDMI cable that isn't passing HDCP 2.2


If you're using a HDMI cable supplied by Telus, the ones with purple ends are 2.2 compliant. The older ones with black ends are not. You can pick up a good 2.2 compliant HDMI cable on amazon or costco for pretty cheap. If you have the card from your last technician visit give them a call and ask them to drop one off for you.