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IR Reciever for Optic Box

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We recently switched from Shaw to Telus and have the newest optic TV and Box. Is there an IR Reciever or eye that works both the box and remote? We keep the cable box in cupboard to hide the cords and mess and can no longer control the box without the cupboard door open. I find it odd that Shaw would provide this for their boxes which we used for years however when I called Telus to ask if they provided the same they advised that no such product existed.

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 I had TELUS install two pvr’s and internet. All in the basement. The internet runs around 150 if I stand in the kitchen directly over the modem. ANYWHERE else about 50. I asked the tech to connect ( forward or bridge) the out put to my high mounted as us. Central and effective. It worked for about 30 seconds , several resets , thirty seconds.

 I call technical service, he had no idea what bridging, forwarding etc but offered a TELUS booster. Flatly denied you could connect TELUS to an asus router. 

  The kitchen tv. The basement router . Seriously, it’s installed in the basement and the tv, you know , the part we attempt to use is in the kitchen. I am 66 and going down to turn the tv on, volume , channels etc, all downstairs. I have an ir repeater that I use on everything. It correctly operated the previous PVR.It REPEATS a light ,infrared exactly as it’s received . Mine does not work with the Telus PVR . Or rather it works for a few seconds as it’s not correctly placed. There is no I r jack. No indication marked on box to locate the receiver . So back to service where he first has no idea of what I mean, then” no third party equipment will work with Telus. Technical assistance.

 I phone the tech,  he says yes you can bridge, told me how, laughed ,not happily about tech. We then discussed Infared repeater location and I am now trying to make my tv work. The technical assistance told me if  required they will move the modem to my kitchen. Because obviously it’s simpler to move the PVR than offer the location of the ir chip which Telus and everyone else uses. 

 Perhaps I got a new guy, maybe I mumble, but for day one, one of two tv’s and half the promised internet speed. Shaky, pleasant , on time ,tidy and unsuccessful.

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You need a simple infared device. It has a circle or sq small size and a wire coming out the side. The idea is you hide your collection of ugly black boxes where ever. Then you stick the first device, probably on a tv, wall or where you normally point it. All equipment reacts to the flashing infared signal. The piece whose identification signal is flashed reacts, all other equipment stays untouched.


Your two problems are, the equipment saved an incredibly small amount of money, TELUS does not say where the repeaters go, it’s ,sigh , your problem. 


Buy a good quality infared repeater. Comes with one receiver   and several small l e d’ lights on a wire . Run the low volt wire ( included from tv I R repeater to basement  PVR.


HOW  ATTTACH   Receiver beside or on your tv with attached sticky pad. Plug into attached box. Be sure you plug into reciever Apply power to attached box, now pull wire to downstairs p v reattach the lights to you wire or it might be long enough.  Plug in a two head receiver. Get some one up stairs to point the remote at  the reciever and slowly, continuously click channel change. Downstairs holds both small lights in front of PVR. when the Chanel changes put a sticky there. If it’s intermittent try using the second lamp by gently holding it near but moving while the other person keeps clicking on a button.

 There is also a larger light called a blaster that can sit back, say on an inner cabinet door and from rom this distance hit all units. 

 Purchase from internet or good local stereo store.


Ggod Luck