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Home theather sound cutting out after high speed internet upgrade

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Hello,  Last week telus upgraded us to high speed internet,  received a new modem and also telus optic tv box.

I am running our home theater speakers thru our blue ray player optical connection.  For years no issues.


Now our TV audio works fine but since the upgrade when running Netflix audio via home theatre our audio cuts out?  


Any hints what is going on here?   Our TV is about 7 years old HD LG TV.   Is is that our old TV cant handle the new high speed

internet?  or does my modem need to be re-set to factory settings?


Thanks TheNige007




Community Power User
Community Power User

The modem and the internet speed have absolutely no connection to audio issues on your TV. 


The configuration on the new Optik box is likely going to be the issue. Which model of Optik TV box do you have connected to that TV now?

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