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Home screen optik tv

Why is there no home screen button on Telus remote? Occasionally when I start watching Optik TV it will come up with a display showing programs I recently watched, OCCASIONALLY. Other times it comes up with Recordings, there is no way to get to the list of programs I was watching. In 2020, telus wants us to make a list on paper of shows I was watching, write down last episode and then search for the show on telus. You’d think there’d be a better way.

There is a home screen button. Press the left arrow while watching a program.

No that’s not the home screen. I am talking about the screen that appears when you turn on the box. It has shows you’ve watched, it has information on previews etc. Since Telus never tells me when there is a preview. I used this screen. But soon as you watch something you can’t get back to it. Does Telus have an Apple TV app, at least they know how to set things up.

Yes, that is the home screen. I'm looking at it now and it has e following categories:
Live TV & Recordings
Continue Watching on Demand
Free movie night & previews on now
Your Top Subscribed Channels On Demand
New Movies & Deals
Crave + Movies + HBO

What do you see after you press the left arrow on the remote?

Search, my videos, you may like, kids zone, healthy living, tv on demand, featured, new releases, movies, deals/coupons, adult only, display style.

To me this is useless. I have to search for shows I have watched and write down the last episode I watched.

Telus really really has to smarten up. I do not watch live tv. I watch on demand Telus should be able to figure out How. to. Have. A. home Screen. That shows you what you have been watching. It does but it goes away after 30 seconds and then you have to use SEARCH to find the show. Maybe when they upgrade to Windows Vista?