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High ping and jitter. Optik internet 3200m

Just Moved In
I have the optik internet package 750mbps
My download speeds are 600-800mbps and my upload speeds are 200-300mbps. Unfortunately my latency is higher than it was with my old copper internet. I'm getting jitter as well.

Main thing I do is play video games... This isn't working when my ping is garbage so I'm hoping for some advice to help the issue.
Xbox one x - hardwired to the modem .
Not even sure if anyone still helps out on this forum as every post I have checked just ends without much of a solution or an outcome.

Thanks in advance

Community Power User
Community Power User

One thing to consider right now is with Covid19 on, more people will be using the Xbox services and that could increase latency a bit as well.


On the Xbox, what results do you see when running the built in speed test?

  • Select System > Settings > General > Network settings.
  • Select Test network speed & statistics.

What does the test show for up/down speeds and latency on the Xbox? 


Do you know where the game server is located? (The further they are away, the more likely you'll have higher latency)

Which game(s) are affected?


When you do a test from a hardwired PC, what are you seeing for latency with or (click the More Info button after test completes to see latency)?

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Please post numbers you get regarding latency and jitter