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Just Moved In
So we moved during covid. The telus guy couldnt come inside to hook our tv and wifi up. So our wifi modem and optik tv “dummy box” is in a basement bedroom far away from our main bedroom. We tried for a bit to make it work but never had wifi in the bedroom and our optik box was always skipping and the wifi signal was always low. 1-2 bars only. So when I called telus they sent me wifi boosters. One has to stay plugged into the original modem in the basement so doesn’t help us out much. If at all. The second we brought up to another bedroom and is great for our cell phones. But can I hook the optik box from our main bedroom to that wifi booster?

Community Power User
Community Power User

No, unfortunately the Boosters cannot carry the multicast signal for Optik TV. They should work for PikTV, though, but PikTV does not have all the channel options of Optik.


Is there an ability to run an Ethernet cable to your TV, or move the Router closer?


BTW, Telus staff can now enter homes under certain circumstances. Possibly now is time to request an update of your installation.


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Do you have coax outlets in both bedrooms? If so you will be able to connect the Optik box upstairs using MoCA adapters connected to the coax outlets. It may require joining the coax cable at the other end from each bedroom.


If you have the coax in place already TELUS should be able to supply the MoCA adapters.


Keep in mind WiFi signal bars don't really mean anything. If you are getting good speeds that's all that matters when it comes to the quality of the service. Technicians are able to enter homes again now for short periods of time. If you need one to come complete the install a proper way call in and request a visit. Let the agent know you received a "partial install" and they'll know what to do.