Guide/Remote - Slow Response, Can't Hold Down Button to Scroll




I am having a new problem with Telus Optik. When I'm in the Guide, I used to be able to hold down Ch-Up/Ch-Down to continiously page scroll the guide. I would simply hold the button down and the guide would scroll up and down, I didn't need to repeatedly push the button to scroll.


Moreover, I used to scroll in the guide channel by channel by simply holding the down arrow on the remote (the Botton of the circle button, under OK). I can no longer hold the button to scroll, I get no response, I have to hit the button over and over again and even when I do, there can be a lag sometimes.


Any ideas on what is causing this? I tried to plug it out and in again, as well as on my modem. My internet speed seems to be fine as well.

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Community Power User

There was an update to Optik which has been rolling out this week. Have a look at some of the other posts in this topic to see some of the changes and solutions other Neighbours have found.


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It seem to work intermittently. If I quickly repeat press the arrow up/down or the ch+/- then hold it continuously scrolls most of the time.


Yes, I have the exact same issue, it is interment at best.


A positive change on the upgrade is for Search function with faster response time when selecting letters for the search.  No longer getting a letter one or two letters later after I press enter.  Also, I like seeing a list of possible titles across the top.  You can fingthe one you are searching for more quickly.  Still would like to be able to check for More Show Times on the channel I started watching late and want to record full program without having to do a Search first...  Was able to do it on Shaw Direct satellite.