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Good Bluetooth Remote Suggestion?

Just Moved In

Can anyone recommend a bluetooth remote that I could pair with my 4K box?  Anyone have a success story they could share?  I can't carry on with the IR slimline remote.  Thanks!


Just Moved In
I did purchase the Bell FibeTV remote from Amazon and it paired very easy. Pressed the Bluetooth button on the back and then the 0 on the remote and it paired quickly. Only challenge is I can’t get it to program to my TV. I know others have done this, don’t know if they had better success.

Anyone having success to control the TV volume with the Bell Bluetooth remote with the Telus 4k Receiver? I can't manage to find out how to chieve this. I tried using the Bell IR remote setup here: but it does'nt work either.


Any help would be appreciated? Just too bad Telus doesn't offer a Bluetooth remote. It's the same receiver than Bell.