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Game Show Network (GSN) and Switched Theme Pack


I was trying to watch this channel (370) yesterday and could not get the HD feed. I thought this was odd because I was getting the small picture channel feed when in the guide. I was also given the green box option of watching in SD. Seemed like a glitch but when I called tech support, I was advised that the channel was now moved from the Medley theme pack to the Good Times theme pack. I find this unacceptable since this was one of the channels I specifically discussed with TELUS upon signing-up in the summer. Following some research, I was able to find this online:


Game Show Network channel update

As of November 17, 2020, the Game Show Network channel will be moving from the Medley theme pack to the Good Times theme pack. The initiative is taken to improve the content relevancy of the channels within each theme pack and bring more value to our customers.

As a result, Optik TV subscribers of the Medley theme pack, who also don’t subscribe to Good Times theme pack or don’t have Game Show Network added as a-la-carte channel, will not be able to view the channel, unless they add the Good Times theme pack or the Game Show Network channel a-la-carte.

Good Times theme pack can be added as part of your Optik TV combo or as an a-la-carte for an additional $8/month. Alternatively, Game Show Network channel can be added as an a-la-carte channel.


Content relevancy? I doubt it. Where was the thought process from the outset? Initially, they just put it in an irrelevant theme pack? Where is the customer notice? I can't believe that TELUS has a guy in a little room deciding to flip channels into another theme pack to annoy customers.


I moved my TV from Shaw Direct to TELUS. I'll give credit to Shaw Direct that they never monkeyed around with a customer's programming. If they did do a switch, the customer was always grandfathered with those channels.


As an added TELUS bonus, they have hiked the prices effective November 1st for a-la-carte channels so if you wanted to add GSN by itself, you would pay $5 instead of $3.


The bottom line is that they indiscriminately removed a channel that I was subscribed to, paying for, and did not replace the channel but forcing me to switch to another pack I'm not interested in, to get that channel or pay more (increase my bill) to get the same programming. I find this odd in light of the fact that I entered into a two year agreement for services. I believe this on principle notwithstanding what anyone might claim overrides this in Terms & Conditions.



That's pretty odd. I've never seen Telus do something like this before, so I understand why you'd be frustrated. I wouldn't consider it a normal business practice.


Have you considered swapping the two packages so that you can receive the channel without paying more? Or are there other channels in the medley package which you watch regularly? If so, you might have a case to get a supervisor to add the a la carte channel for you and then discount your bill by the equivalent amount. Worth a shot, but not guaranteed. Since it's not a regular occurrence, we don't really know how they'll react.