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Fairchild TV on Optik

Friendly Neighbour

I'm trying order Optik TV for my father and he said he must have Fairchild TV (FTV) - the older one, not the new Fairchild TV2 (FTV2).


When I tried to order online, I only saw FTV2 as a single channel addon for $3 (see screencap). I could not find an option for adding FTV as a single channel or as part of a theme pack.


I found a recent Channel Selection Guide and I see that they should both be available in a theme pack called "Cantonese Favourites". (see screencap)


I also found a Channel Guide and see that they are available as time shifted channels 2801 (FTV West) or 2802 (FTV East) (see screencap).


Could someone please explain to me how to obtain that channel and what are the costs?




Telus - select Fairchild TV 2.PNGTelus - Cantonese Favourites Theme Pack.PNGTelus Fairchild TV 2801, 2802.PNG


Community Power User
Community Power User

You are better off contacting Sales directly.

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