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Does Optik TV have poor recording options, or am I missing something?


I recently change from Bell Satellite to Optik TV. Optik TV has a WAY better picture. But Bell had much better record options. I would often make a recording to record a program only once a week, even though it was on multiple times in a time slot. I have seen shows that are in order on say Mondays only, or Tuesdays only, and if you watch both it is out of order. They also had the option of recording only Mon-Fri.

Optik has no such option, and I end up with several recording that I have to manually check the episode number. 

I have been burned many times by someone somewhere down the line, mislabeling an episode number, or broadcast date, so I don't rely on new episode filter. 

So did Bell have better recording options, or have I not found them yet? Thanks.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The current software isn’t robust as “satellite” is for fine tuning the recordings down to the specifics you want. You can make your suggestions known in ideas here. A TELUS employee does read every post made there.

Keep in mind the guide data is supplied by a third party not TELUS that at times may not always be 100% accurate. But that’s out of Telus’s control.


You should be able to set a manual timer in the PVR menu by going over to the schedule or series tab. I forget which. There will be an option for manual timer. It's been a while since I've set one up but you can say a channel, day or the week, and time slot. I'm not in front of a box right now to double check but I'm fairly sure it's still there.

Thanks. I tried it, and it is only for single events, not weekly.

Go to Recordings / Add a Recording / Create a Manual Recording With Channel and Time. Select the Channel Number. Under Date (It will give today's date) Select Change You can now select all the days you want it recorded (by day) for up to one month