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We have Telus Optik TV - 4 Theme Packs + 1 Premium Combo (Crave TV).  On a very regular basis Crave stops working and states that we do not have an active subscription.  I have tried signing out and signing back in, ensuring I use the "through my Provider" option, many times - to no avail.  I usually end up contacting Crave support and the issue resolves itself within a day or two after submitting a note to them.  Unfortunately I never get a response from Crave as to why this continues to happen or what I can do to avoid the issue in the future.  It is to the point that we don't even try opening Crave because it doesn't work more often than it does and causes a lot of frustration.  Can you advise what would be causing this problem and what I could do to avoid interrupted service moving forward?


Thank you.

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I haven't had Crave on Optik cause issues but I have had issues with the Crave app on iOS (iPhone) randomly signing itself out as well but that's been ongoing for some time.


Are you using the Optik TV login or the My Telus account login when you access Crave?

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We are having the exact same issue.  We have set up CRAVE and re-authorized it over and over, and it works for awhile, then forgets and 'de-links' itself.  


We access CRAVE almost entirely through an XBOX app, and through an app on our smart TV.  I'm inclined to think this is a Telus issue more so than a CRAVE issue simply because we recently moved from Shaw (Sept 2020) to Telus and this wasn't an issue with Shaw at all and we used everything exactly the same way.  We also have become so disappointed at the constant issues that we have more or less stopped using CRAVE.


I have to say, since moving to Telus, our feelings are mixed at best.  The gigabit fibre is fantastic, but the TV 'side' of things is disappointing.  The CRAVE issue is maddening, and several restrictive ways the PVR works as compared to Shaw's PVR is extremely frustrating.


I would love to hear a response on this.