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Channel numbers on website



Telus upgraded its website. The channel number used to be displayed along with the channel description blurb. Can anyone tell me how I find the channels that are offered on various theme packs? At a loss here.

I'm 0 for 2, as I also tried to find info on You Pick 6 via the search box, and kept being offered youtube...I had to spend some time on chat, so that's done, but - does anyone else have a hard time finding channel numbers, or is it just me?


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Community Power User

Shop > (Optik TV) > channels > scroll to bottom of page > choose printable challenge list by region 

This gives a PDF of channel numbers.

Theme packs are listed (without channel numbers) as you scroll.

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Still not good enough !!   

There needs to be channel numbers in the document  so all one has to do is print it out, or if on screen just scroll up and down.    When people are browsing the guide on their TV to figure out which theme pack they want to select they shouldn't have to click or tap on another device to get channel info, especially not one channel at a time.   I printed out the 1 page of that document that I needed and jotted down the channel numbers.   What a waste of time - nothing is ever easy with Telus.  


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Did you actually look at the PDF? There are pages of channels organized by theme pack all with channel numbers. Just scroll down (Pages 5-7). This file is directly linked to from the main Optik TV Channels page

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Thank you, Nighthawk. I appreciate your help. The channel guide by region pdf is a good resource, but the problem is category vs. theme pack. I wanted to delete 2 theme packs, "Explore" and "World & Beyond". Just wanted to cruise through a few days of programming of each channel in the guide to make sure I didn't want to keep them. That is when I went to theme packs and found the channel numbers were no longer listed in the description. 


The channel guide by region pdf lists the channel numbers, but not by theme pack - by category. I guessed that the contents of my theme packs were likely in the "Learning" category. Success, with 4 channels from "Explore". That left DTour. 3 channels from "World & Beyond" were in the "Learning" category. Space, and Investigation Discovery were not. I scanned through the whole pdf Categories page and found that DTour was grouped in the "Comedy & Music" category, Space was in the "Entertainment" category. I lost interest in finding the last one, just got rid of the packs, which is fine.


That's why channel number should be included with the description, within the theme pack. Otherwise, you have to go into the pdf document, and hazard a guess as to which category Telus put the channel into. Your guess would be better if you knew the programming, but you can't see that because you don't know what channel it's on....Thanks for listening, and correcting me if I've missed something obvious.