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Change to pvr search function


If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. I do pvr searches for upcoming NFL games on optik tv. Keying in NFL brings me to a series of files covering pre-game, postgame, etc. One of them used to contain a written list of all upcoming games in chronological order. Telus has made a change, and this file appears to be gone. Instead, there are 30-40 files with team logos on them, and opening each one of them provides the channel that this specific game is available on. They are in random order. There is no clue of the date that the game is on. It's a mess. You have to open all the files, which is ridiculous.

Can anyone find the file with the printed list of all upcoming games, by date? Or tell me which of the files are the Boxing Day games, for example? Thanks for any help.


Community Power User
Community Power User

A schedule, and times of games is on the site. It appears DAZN has purchased a lot of the broadcast rights, but you should be able to cross compile the game dates with the Optik listing.


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Thanks for looking into this and offering help. Yes, the website schedule is handy precisely because of the layout providing the info in an organized way, and until last week Telus had a file with this layout, and you could just go there and record the games. Now there are a lot of files in random order to be opened, and they're undated. Recording sports shouldn't require cross-checking, and opening multiple files.  

The old listing also included the Sunday Ticket (DAZN) games, but it was much faster because you could scroll down the list and see the channel numbers. 

The NBA list is there. I would just like them to put the NFL list back.

I do appreciate your help!