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Change setup




The digital box is restarting every few hours. I was wondering if changing the setup might fix the problem.


My current setup has the PVR (UIW8001) with an ethernet connection to the modem, and the digital box (VIP5602WT) with an HDMI connection to the TV.


My second TV just died and I'm not going to replace it. I was wondering if I could stop using the digital box. Instead, I was wondering if I can plug the PVR into the TV and have it connect over Wi-Fi to the modem.


My other problem is error messages saying I can't delete a program because its being watched on another TV. I was wondering if I could prevent the PVR from trying to connect over Wi-Fi to the digital box once I stop using it.


I hope my explanation makes sense.





Community Power User
Community Power User

Is the box inside a cabinet? If so remove it and see if proper air flow corrects the issue.

It's not inside a cabinet, and airflow isn't a problem. I've already called Telus about it. They restarted the box, but the problem remains.


If I stop using the digital box, will the PVR still try to connect to it?