Ch..593 Now 4K Music Videos


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I go from Global b ch 104 to 593 and then it makes my channel freeze and then wait 30 secs and then its says Optik not connected!! please Check... ETC

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee


Channel 593 is a jump channel for StingrayNow 4K  Music.   To access 4K programming you must have a 4K TV , 4K designated Optik  Set Top Box ,   a TELUS 4K ready  HDMI cable and be subscribed to TELUS OPTIK TV 4K .    


Try  to access You Tube 4K under Apps on the TELUS remote . Customers who do not have 4K hardware will see the following message when accessing YouTube, "To access the YouTube app, you need a digital box upgrade. Please visit to learn more".


If you are able to access You Tube 4K  ,  Use the App button on the TELUS remote .  From the App list choose  Stingray  Music Videos to access StingrayNow 4K Music. 


Thanks . Ani