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Cannot bypass Telus screen

When I turn on my TV now, despite choosing not to display the homescreen in the options menu, Telus messaging continues to fill the page (record your favourite shows, automatically record every episode etc.). Because I am unable to bypass this screen, screen mirroring or “Airplay” from my IOS phone no longer works. Have tried everything I could find in google. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!


Are you using Apple TV or does your TV itself support Airplay? 

If you have the Apple TV device then it's connected to one of the inputs on your TV. You need to switch the TV to that input.

If your TV supports Airplay natively then you need to follow your particular TV's procedure to switch to that app.


Either way it has nothing to do with Optik and the issue with the home screen setting.


Hi xray. I don’t have Apple TV but my tv supports airplay. It worked until we had the Telus Optik box added. It has everything to do with the Telus screen as tv and phone both say Airplay is connected but the images/video will not bypass the Telus menus and message screens.

What brand/mdel is your TV? You need to manually switch from the HDMI input to the Airplay app.