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CBC News channel freezes/ sound dropouts


I sent this to Telus support and to CBC News channel today.


"We are having continuing problems with CBC News channel freezing or sound dropouts. Sometimes rebooting the Router fixes the problem temporarily, sometimes not. I do not believe this to be a data overload problem because it sometimes happens when only one channel is being watched in the house and there are no programs being recorded."


Anyone have a solution to this problem? We have experienced this intermittently for months.




Just Moved In

We are having the same problem. It just started (March 2021) and we’re not sure what to try. It is happening with CBC and CTV so it must be Telus. Did they reply to you? 

Just Moved In

follow-up to the above . . .

Yesterday I checked the signal on CBC News Network --bad as ever.

I rebooted the router /modem; no change.

Then I rebooted the PVR (not just disconnecting from power; holding the big black button until it goes into reboot mode). It takes several minutes to go through the reboot cycle. When it came back the NN signal was normal!  [I can't begin to explain why that would fix it, given that NN was the only channel whose signal was bad. But I'm glad to have it back to normal.]

Just Moved In

We've had the same problem within the last week. Audio dropouts are so frequent it makes programming unwatchable.

It has only been occurring on CBC News Network . . so I don't see how it could have anything to do with our equipment or network connection.

Are others having similar experience? Any suggestions . . ways to contact people who would care, can do something ??