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Bring MLB Network to Telus!!

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For a while now, each offseason/Spring Training I hope that Telus will offer the option to purchase access to the MLB Network. In Western Canada, we are being denied the access for some reason as Eastern Canada offers it on many different suppliers and has had it since 2014.  Canadian Baseball and Canada baseball fan base is growing, not all of us like the Blue Jays or want to watch them on Rogers Sportsnet but the MLB Network provides more than just live games. The programming they have goes much deeper and is great for the game of baseball, yet we can't get it in Western Canada.  Cmon guys! this is 2020! we have the WWE Network and a FISHING channel....but not a sports network where we have many Canadian big leagers and growing!  This channel could be offered for $11.99 and I would gladly make that jump.  Telus, please, make it a christmas/festivus miracle for all of us and acquire the rights to broadcast this channel! I have heard from Shaw Customers they'd make the switch if Telus got MLB Network, so you'd be gaining new subscribers.


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There are already existing discussions in regards to MLB Network. Please post in the below discussion rather than starting new discussions:


@Chicnstu did post a good piece of information on one of the previous discussions:


MLB Network will most likely not be coming to Telus or any other new providers in Canada in the foreseeable future. DAZN recently signed a 3 year deal with the network which will prevent other providers from picking it up. DAZN has been very aggressive in acquiring sports broadcasting rights over the last couple years and it's starting to really hurt Canadian consumers who want to view some sports content on their existing TV product and not have to pay for an additional service.

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