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Bose interferes with 4K Arris box

We just got connected to the fiber optic network. They installed new 4K boxes, and now when I change the volume with my Bose remote the Arris box flickers black. If I try and change the volume a couple times the box will shut down and have to be reset.
Anyone else have this issue?

I think you need to provide some details. Your Bose what? How are you devices connected?

Looks like it’s my IR repeater that’s the issue. Both the TELUS remote and Bose remote interfere with the Arris box through the repeater. Judging by other forums, looks like I have to ditch the clean cord free set up and put the box in the open. Or downgrade back to the old box. If stupid TELUS would just include the Bluetooth remote with the box like Bell does, there wouldn’t be a problem.

Community Power User
Community Power User

What Bose system you have? Don’t have any issue with my Bose system and have been using it for years.