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Bolva TV

Just Moved In
Hi. Bought a Bolva TV on Black Friday. Trying to find a remote code that I can use to program my Telus remote so that it will also operate the TV.
Any suggestions???

Community Power User
Community Power User

Follow steps 9,10 in the documentation here.  Bolva is a relatively new brand in North America. (Hence there isn’t a known remote code).


You’ll have to scan and try to find a compatible code from another manufacturer, if one is even available.

Your only other solution is purchasing a true universal remote like a Logitech harmony. Or use two remotes, bolva for volume and power and Telus remote to control the Optik box.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I found this article that mentions codes for Bolva TV:


Bolva TV Remote codes (


Hopefully one of them works for you.