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Block TV-MA programs

Just Moved In
I would request the ability to block tv shows that are TV-MA, which currently is not available with the Telus Optik TV interface. PG, PG-13, 18A & unrated shows can be blocked... But not TV-MA

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi Stunned, thank you for bringing your concern to the TELUS Neighbourhood.  To answer your question, TV-MA is an American TV rating ranking and TELUS uses Canadian TV and Movie rankings where R, 18+ and A are used as equivalent ratings to the American TV-MA rating.  All TV programming is reviewed by National and provincial rating boards and assigns the Canadian rating equivalents to foreign content based on their reviews


IF you set your parental controls to block 18+, R and especially Adult rated programs you will block anything that may have the TV-MA rating in the United States.


To block the equivalent of TV-MA programming you need to go into parental controls and set up your adult controls, your channel controls and your movie and TV rations  Note that Parental controls are STB specific and so you will have to do this set up on each of your STB's in the home.  As well, Parental Controls must be configured on each of your digital boxes with a PIN so you will need to set up  this PIN to modify settings, view blocked content or change PINs.


To Block and unblock programs

Block or unblock programs by channel or content rating.

  1. Press Menu on your remote control.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Parental Controls.
  4. Enter your 4-digit Parental Control PIN with the number pad on your remote control or create one if you have never created one follow the instructions to create your PIN
  5. Next, use the arrows to highlight Change next to the blocking option you want to use and press OK.

Adult content


1.  You must lock the Adult programs option to block adult rated content if you want to block all TV-MA equivalent programming


  • Adult programs: Allows you to block programs rated A or AO. When you choose to block adult programs, the program title and information will be blocked from appearing in the guide. Other blocking options will not hide the adult titles or program information unless this setting is set to locked.
  1. Select Change under the Adult box 
  2. Highlight the box and press OK,  when a lock appears 
  3. Navigate to Save and press OK.

Channel Blocking 

You can also hide unsubscrived channels or channels you dont want to see in the guide by going into the Channels box in the parental controls and block any channel that you would like to hide. 


  1. Select Change in the Channel Blocking boxS
  2. Scroll downward to each channel you wish to hide (note you can take out unsubscribed channels out of your guide this way if you wish)
  3. Press OK and a lock will appear 
  4. Navigate to Save and press OK when you have locked all channels you wish to hide.

Finally you need to block both Movies and TV as they have slightly different ratings.

  •  Movie ratings: Allows you to block programs rated G, PG, 14A, 18A, R or A. When you choose to block by rating, all programs with higher ratings will also be blocked. To block Adult Movies you must set the adult program to locked.
  • Canadian TV classification: Allows you to block programs rated E, C, C8+, G, PG, 14+ or 18+. When you choose to block by rating, all programs with higher ratings will also be blocked. Again,to block Adult TV programs you must set the adult programs to locked.

In each of these sections:


  1. Press change.
  2. Select the level of blocking you wish to set  (Locks will appear in each level above the one you select
  3. Press Save.

Please respond back to the thread if you have set up all of these controls and you are finding a program that is not being blocked. We certainly do not want to show any program in our guide that is inappropriately labelled


Also if you have any further questions please reach out. Thank you again for subscribing to OPTIK TV I hope this info is helpful to you.