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Best way to search? How do YOU do it ?

Prospective Optik customer. How do most of you search content on Optik TV?

1. When you use the remote, do you literally have to cursor over to each letter ? Does it remember previous search terms ? Can you sync with your phone so you can type ?

2. When you search Optik, does it search across all content like Live Tv, On Demand, Crave, Heyu, PVR?

3. How does google home voice search work? Does it search the same way as using the remote control ?

4. For Netflix and YouTube, I assume your only option is to search within each app using the remote control arrow keys ?

Community Power User
Community Power User

1. Yes, no, no.

2. Yes, for Optik services; no beyond that.

3. I have no experience using Google voice searches.

4. Correct.

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