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BC1 News Should Not Be a Paid Channel

Friendly Neighbour

Channel 845 was free in March and April 2020 during COVID; 01 May it became paid. What an opportunistic and appalling move during our pandemic, where a trusted news source is of the utmost importance.


Oh, and when I issued a complaint about this, a rep. by the name of Deo responded to me. In the first response, he offered nothing up and misread my complaint. I asked him to re-read it, and then I received a more professional response - of which he REMOVED my email response!


I don't know what you're doing over there Telus, but you will lose my business as of 01 June.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Unfortunately that is not something that Telus controls since Telus does not own any of the channels.


Global controls whether or not they offer their channels for free. As do the other broadcasters and their respective channels. The broadcasters decisions impact any and all service providers like Telus, Shaw, Delta Cable, Rogers, Bell, Videotron, etc. This is NOT a new thing.


Telus provided the dates in a publicly available list which include the end date of the free preview. Other providers lost the free preview of Global News BC1 on the same date. It was nice Global offered it for free but it was Global's choice.


You'll need to make a complaint with Global to ask about extending the free preview period.

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Friendly Neighbour

Thank you Nighthawk, I appreciate your response very much.


Now that I am educated on who makes these decisions, I still find it opportunistic and appalling anyone would do this at this time. It is not about $4/month, it is the principle.


Thank you also for the list, I wasn't aware it existed.