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Audio issue - S sounds

I have a brand new tv, brand new high-quality HDMI cable and have experienced the same issue with two brand new wireless TV boxes: when someone says a word with an S sound, there is an exaggerated hiss/lisp.

I've tried all settings. Sony thinks it's the box, telus thinks it's the TV. It's driving me nuts.

Even more confusing, the issue is worse when watching live TV. I don't notice it when watching on demand content or streaming apps like Netflix.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Never heard anyone having that issue, and the Wireless Optik boxes have been out a long time. One would assume it’s the TV and sound settings.


What is the make and model of your TV?

Sony XBR65X800H

I have a XBR-65X900E and I've never noticed this issue. Are you connected directly to the TV or through a AV receiver? Are you using a soundbar?

Directly to the TV via "ultra HD" HDMI cable. No soundbar.

Does your TV have the option to try different sound settings? Eg 5.1 emulation, virtual surround sound, etc?
Given that different content is producing different results, I would start there.

It's possible that on demand audio is encoded differently than live audio, and the way your TV sound is currently set is doing weird things to the live audio.

In addition to your TV settings, you could also try experimenting with the different Digital Audio output settings on your Telus box.

Menu -> Settings -> Audio -> Digital Audio Output


Interesting. I get this, too, and find it very annoying. I have to turn the volume down to tolerate it. I was believing the problem was my hearing aids, but I’m going to pay more attention now to other sources. I don’t believe I ever hear it with my AppleTVs that are connected to my LG sets. I suspect I just hear it when viewing Optik TV through the Telus box. I have several TVs (LG and Samsung) with AppleTV connected to all of them. I’m going to pay attention now to where I hear this most. I’m pretty sure News channels are the worst. 

Thanks for the ideas. I've been playing with the settings, with no luck. Maybe I'll call telus and ask about the encoding... this is really frustrating

I noticed it this morning on CNN, channel 802.

@pbsme do you have this issue on both of your TV's? How are the TV's connected to the Optik box?

All my TVs, which are connected by HDMI.  I have a mixture of LG and Panasonic.

I watch CNN all the time on an older Panasonic/HDMI and I've never noticed this. I wonder what the difference is.