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Audio cuts out on one channel, wireless box


Optik TV, we have a DVR hard wired connected to one tv.  A wireless digital box connected to another tv. On one channel only, the sound intermittently cuts out and only on this tv.  If I tune to the same channel on the tv connected to the wired dvr, I notice the broadcast is not simultaneous, there is a delay of perhaps a couple of seconds or so, but the audio isn’t cutting out on that tv.  It’s channel 285.  


The wireless box is a replacement for one that was frequently losing communication with the Optik service. (After trying all kinds of troubleshooting, a tech came and replaced the box.). 


Is anyone else having issues with this channel via wireless digital?


Just Moved In
Yes! Same issue with the same channel and set up. Not sure how to fix the issue - looking to wire the box, maybe that will help