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Arris 4k TV box questions.


Hi all,


Had the Technicolor boxes, 2 sets, and they were nothing but problems.  They would reinitialize 7 or 8 times a day.  All of them, not just one.  And that was both sets of boxes with a modem change.  They also ran really hot, all of them, again, both sets.


So, I'd like 4k, and was wondering if anyone's used the Arris box (model # starts with VIP) with a couple, or one, 1080p box, and had success.


Comments are welcome.



I had the Arris VIP5662 4k PVR and it worked well except the HDCP error.  So, when the technicolor UIW8001 was released, I thought it might work with my Denon receiver but it didn't make any difference.  Now I miss the Arris box as it never had any trouble working with the Harmony hub.  The technicolor box on the average misses 1 in 2 commands.  I am tempted to ask for the Arris box from Telus but feel guilty as I asked for the newer box myself.  The next time when a Telus Tech has a visit for any other reason, I am going to change that.

However, I have never had any other symptom such as rebooting, losing the recording etc.  


had mine switched out to the older VIP boxes and all my problems went away. Highly recommend.