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Apple products lose wifi and need to have wifi reset constantly

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I don't notice because I am a PC/android guy, but my family is consistently complaining about losing/dropping wifi signal. They need to turn the device wifi on/off in order to get it back...what's with this? Why just the apple products? We have had the internet for a long time, then upgraded to bonded pairs to get better signal and, just recently, upgraded to the brand new modem and the 150 feed. We have had all the tech they have included two boost packs and still the same problem...I hoped the new modem would fix the issue, but no luck. Anyone have a fix for this?


Community Power User
Community Power User

There are reported wifi issues with the latest IOS:


More And More Users Report Wi-Fi Problems With iOS 14 - Macworld UK


You may also wish to investigate smart steering. If enabled you may wish to disable it and try connecting to a particular frequency (2.4 or 5 GHz). Here is some additional info:


Enable Smart Wi-Fi on Advanced Wi-Fi modem | TELUS Support


I'm also a PC/Android guy. The firmware in Telus modems doesn't play well with Apple products. Telus is aware of the issue but doesn't seem to want to fix it or care to. Best fix I would suggest is get a 3rd party set up for wifi and if you have Telus tv then only connect the tv boxes to the modem.
I am on fibre and don't use a Telus modem. I have now WiFi or speed issues. But I also don't have Telus tv.