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4k PVR freeze

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Came back to Telus beginning of April 2018. I have Internet 75 and 4k TV PVR.

At around 2045 on August 08 2018 was just ending a session of On Demand (HBO)

As i attempted to go to guide to watch live tv everything froze.

Tried to power cycle. Ended up unplugging the T3200 and pvr and let them reset (modem first) It took a LONG time (like 15 + minutes) for the PVR to come back


It was like it totally reinstalled all the software. There was a system configuration screen with a white progress bar at bottom.

It did its thing and looked like it restarted. Three dots in centre of screen. Goes blank again. No signal. Then went thru the same screen as above.

on the PVR were 3 lights. the regular power light (green) beside that was a smaller red light. and beside that a small green light.


I say it appears to restart the pvr as the red and small green light goes out. On the 3rd restart this time what appears is 2 large gear icons on the screen with a progress bar.


After that a initialize pvr screen comes up. Followed by system messages that were floating banners. The banners were info messages about the features of the PVR.


When the system finally did come back, it did not go to live tv / the guide but to the pvr and my recordings.

No idea what just happened. if it was a firmware update? a symptom of a failing PVR? A regular occurance and something to look forward to in the future?


Been using the on demand for the last few evenings with no issues. hoping last night was just a rare glitch.


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Community Power User

No update was pushed to mine yesterday on mine. Seems like it did a reload of the software by the description you stated. Only thing i can think of is it may have froze up from heat and corrupted itself when you power cycled it. Not sure of your location but it's been a cooker on Vancouver Island and all of BC. Make sure the receiver has good ventilation.


Curious is it the Technicolor or Arris PVR?

I am in Vancouver. Not sure what model of 4k pvr i have (will look when home.) but looking at the Telus website in Optik TV hardware. The one pictured is not the one i have. The pvr i have has vent slots in the top and on the front side lower right is a round power light (green when on, red when in standby)


The pvr is on its own in a media centre / tv stand. Lots of space around it. Also my place has A/C so not too hot compared to outside.


what exactly happened was, the HBO show ended. The box popped up with the message to press ok to start next episode. Next option was view next episode info.  Been using on demand last 4 nights with no issue.  I have even used CraveTV thru the guide and it worked fine.


I selected next episode info, froze. None of the buttons worked on the remote. First step was to press and hold the power button. seemed to restart. But then got a no signal message on TV. Unplugged the PVR and seemed to take a long time to come back.  Seemed to restart but would get the no signal message. (maybe i should have had more patience)


last time i unplugged the T3200 and waited until it restarted. Then the PVR. It went thru the motions as i stated in the OP. As of 1300 today. System still running (not at home but have a sound bar plugged into the pvr optical to make noise for birds when i am out) I have NEST cams at home and can hear the TV sound thru those.


edit. had a closer look at telus hardware page. scrolling down the 4k pvr on lower left appears to be the one i have.  Looks like i have the Technicolor 4k pvr box.


edit2. just got home. confirmed. I have the technicolor pvr