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4K box to receiver.

Just Moved In
Hey if anyone could help me with connecting the box to a receiver would be great. It was easy with the older box because you could just use component cables but the newer box doesn’t have that available. The HDMI slot is already used up of course connecting to the TV.

Community Power User
Community Power User
What make and model is your Receiver?


  Does your receiver have HDMI in and out? When you say component do you mean the

red,green blue connection or red,white and yellow?


  What other connections are there on the back of the 4k box?



Yes my receiver has HDMI in and out the old box used red green and blue.

On the back of the 4K box it has a USB slot and and optical outlet, also and Ethernet port.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Wouldn’t the usual path be 4K box > receiver > TV?

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HDMI from box to receiver in.. HDMI from receiver out to tv..


OR:   HDMI from box to tv.. Optical audio from box to receiver